The ihoop is awesome

Spalding came out with ihoop so that you can ball in your backyard or at your personal court to a soundtraci101855k of your choice. The ihoop is basically a basketball hoop stocked with an ipod docking station and speakers. The ihoop sound station features two 3″ speakers and one 5″ subwolfer so that you have the ability to hear your music along with the sounds of your game. The hoop protects your ipod by suspending it in mid air inside a mesh pocket that is inside the hoop base so that when you pound the glass your ipod won’t be damaged. What a brilliant idea. The only thing missing is a game clock that is somehow displayed on the back board with a red light that flashes at the end of regulation.


Pac10 Preview – Overview

Alright, I figured it’s time to get this project underway.  The idea of doing in-depth analysis of every club in the Pac 10 conference scared me, so I decided to break it apart.  Today we’ll look at the conference in general and begin the team previews with the  Oregon Ducks.  Choosing to look at the Ducks first may seem a bit arbitrary but it’s the club I know best and thus it will be the easiest to do.  (Which is nice because I’m a busy man.)pac10

Pac 10 clubs lost a lot of talent, NBA caliber talent.  Both Arizona schools have to replace the bulk of their scoring after the departures of Harden and Pendergraph at ASU, along with Budinger and Hill at Arizona.  Besides Taj Gibson and Demar DeRozan leaving the club, SC lost Coach Tim Floyd to resignation in a veritable debacle.  At UCLA, Coach Howland will be without the experience of Aboya, Collinson, and Josh Shipp.  Washington and WSU also lost considerably, especially at WSU where the Tony Bennett exit will be exacerbated by a youthful squad.  So what’s the result of all the commotion?  As you would expect, a watered down conference.  But conference play should be competitive and open.

So who’s going to win the conference?  The top two positions are clear and relatively interchangeable in my mind.

1.  Cal

2. Washington

After that things get a bit hairy.

3. Arizona


5. Oregon

6. Oregon State

7. ASU

8. Stanford

9. USC

10. Washington State

Lingerie Basketball League?

The Lingerie Football League is set to commence on September 4th of this year in Chicago. For those who are unfamiliar with the LFL, it began with the Lingerie bowl which was featured in the past years at half time of the Super Bowl. The Lingerie bowl was a football game in which women played full contact football in nothing but their lingerie. After the success of these half time games a brand new league is about to begin with 10 different teams representing 10 different cities. The San Diego Seduction are fast to be favored as the best team, but the real question we have here is if the Lingerie Football league is successful, will we see a Lingerie Basketball League? Were guessing probably not, but who knows?basketball15

Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan

As we all know Michael Jackson passed away a few days ago. From watching the news and other media I noticed that people loved this guy more than anybody else I’ve ever seen. The way that his fans reacted to his performances or just seeing him in person, made me realize that he is probably the most famous person ever!  I have never seen people jump out of windows or buildings, sprints after limos, pass out from Michael Jackson exposure, faint, go into cardiac arrest, kick, punch, and stab each other or scream and cry like people do over him. So… in tribute to MJ, we bring you a video of the MJ your probably a bigger fan of  when he met up with MJ for the making of his music video, Jam. Just reread the last sentence again and stay with us here. Oh and make sure you click that middle link that is highlighted in this entry if for some reason you missed that huge hint, to better understand what I’m talking about.

From Zero to Hero- Jeff Teague

Jeff Teague is only 178 lbs while standing 6’2. He most likely wears a t-shirt under his jersey while he plays so that it is harder to notice how skinny he is. Either way Teague is lethal with the ball in his hands. He wasn’t recruited heavily out of high school so when he made it to Wake Forest and into the starting lineup it was a huge surprise. He askjeff_teague2ed for the number zero on his jersey to remind himself of all the doubt that was thrown his direction.  Immediately he compared himself to Gilbert Arenas whose nickname reads, Agent Zero. Arenas was also given no chance for stardom since he was a high school baller and was even overlooked in the NBA draft until the second round. As we all know, Arenas is the franchise player for the Washington Wizards now.

Teague was drafted 19th overall in this recent 2009 NBA draft by the Atlanta Hawks. He was the 8th point guard chosen to that point, which means 7 other point guards were considered better than him. That doesn’t bother Teague. He charged over to Atlanta for a press conference and a photo op within 24 hours of hearing his name called last Thursday. He is requesting the number zero for his jersey again and is ready to show everyone that he deserved to be the first or second point guard drafted. I understand why Teague feels overlooked. Last year in the ACC he scored 18.8 points a game, pulled down 3.3 rebounds, dished out 3.5 assist every contest, and stole the ball an average of 1.9 times a game all the while shooting an astounding 48.5 % from the field and 44% from behind the arc. He was amazing to watch. With that said. We want to be the first and we want to be remembered for saying that, Teague will be the next Gilbert Arenas and a future NBA all-star.

The Ultimate Sports Press Hip-Hop Video

Everybody has seen Allen Iverson’s press interview when he played for Philadelphia and used the word “practice” 28 times or so. Well Steve Porter remixed that interview along with other classic sports comments from professional players and coaches then threw in a background beat and came up with this masterpiece.

Better yet, which college team lost the most in the 2009 NBA draft?

It’s fun to discuss the NBA draft in terms of which NBA team will benefit the most from their picks as well as which players were drafted too soon or too late. However it is rare that a rookie comes into the league and dominates right away. They may snatch a starting position and put up impressive numbers in their first year, but they almost never make a huge impact right away. They have to develop first. That is why after the NBA draft it is more fun to discuss the NCAA. Imagine losing an NBA quality player at the college level? Now that makes an impact on your team. So instead of further dissecting where the draft picks are headed, were taking you back to where these players came from to see which programs have gaping holes to fill next season. The rules of this evaluation are simple: Two NBA players that leave the NCAA affect the college they attended more than if just one player left. So below are all the colleges that lost 2 or more players this year to the 2009 NBA draft.Louisville Media Day Basketball

  • Arizona – Jordan Hill (8) and Chase Budinger (44)
  • Arizona State- James Harden (3) and Jeff Pendergraph (31)
  • Uconn- Hasheem Thabeet (2) and A.J. Price (52)
  • Louisville- Terrance Williams (11) and Earl Clark (14)
  • Memphis- Tyreke Evans (4) and Robert Dozier (60)
  • North Carolina- Tyler Hansbrough (13)/ Ty Lawson (18)/ Wayne Ellington (28)/ Danny Green (46)
  • Oklahoma- Blake Griffin (1) and Taylor Griffin (48)
  • Pittsburgh- Sam Young (36) and Dejuan Blair (37)
  • UCLA- Jrue Holiday (17) and Darren Collison (21)
  • USC- DeMar DeRozan (9) and Taj Gibson (26)
  • Wake Forest– James Johnson (16) and Jeff Teague (19)
  1. North Carolina wins or technically loses this contest. Four players from their team left the Baby Blue behind. They have by far the most work to do if they are to match the caliber of their championship team this past year.
  2. Louisville loses the second most.  Terrance Willams and Earl Clark closed business deals for them on the court and losing them hurts.
  3. Arizona State and Wake Forest tie for third. ASU will have a tough time in the Pac-10 without Harden’s scoring and Pendergraph rebounding and blocking shots. Wake Forest finished poorly this last season but will be hard to recognize without James Johnson and Jeff Teague.

What is Vince Carter going to do for the Magic?

Vince Carter was recently traded from the New Jersey Nets to the Orlando Magic along with Ryan AndersoNets Magic Trade Basketballn for Rafer Alston, Tony Battie, and Courtney Lee. This is a brilliant move on the part of Orlando. Phil Jackson and the Lakers exploited the weakness of Orlando a few weeks ago in the NBA finals by showing the world that 1) Dwight Howard can’t make free throws and 2) that the team is still lacking a court leader (and maybe a head coach). The first problem Dwight will figure out. He just needs to sing Soulja Boy in his head to relax himself at the line but the second problem needed to be solved with a trade.

Vince Carter works as an answer to the second issue. He is a fiery individual on the court and he will make his voice heard when it counts at the end of playoff games. He might say something to his teammates along the lines of, “Remember, contest all three point shots or foul them while they are on the floor. We got this game by three right now and can’t afford them an open trey.”

Best of all the Magic didn’t have to give up much to acquire Vince. I love Skip to my Lou, a.k.a. Rafer Alston but  he still hasn’t figured out his three point shot with all that practice and free rebounding from coaches and for some reason still refuses to bench the bar in the weight room. I can’t figure that out. Jameer Nelson will come back in as starting point guard this next season for the Magic with his shot on que and with enough bulk to gain a loose ball rebound at least. In regards to losing Courtney Lee, that is definately good for both the Magic and Courtney. I heard the Magic owners and committee members were so upset that Lee missed that lay up tip-in from an out of bounds pass in game 2 of the NBA finals that they went down to the court after the game and after the arena cleared out to try that move themselves. Once a committee member with grey hair and tux on made that play that Courtney couldn’t, they decided they just had to let him go… so out with Alston and Courtney and welcome home Vince.

Handle of the Week- June 26, 2009

This Friday marks the beginning of something great, the beginning of our “Handle of the Week Award.” This award will be given out every Friday to the best Basketball site on the web, the site that had a solid handle on the game for the past week. The rules are simple. Anything goes. No blood, no foul. Winner claims the court and just because you have been waiting long for the award, does not mean you have next.

The first Handle of the Week award goes to… Basketball Fiend. Congrats fiend.

Shaq sings Akon’s Over the Edge…

This is awesome. Shaq is just hilarious. Here’s a guy who truly embraces life and has fun with everything he does. No wonder he has a $21 million a year contract. How can you hate him? Kobe?

Just a side note, BasketballwithDinoGomez is proud to be one of the first blogs if not the first blog to post this video. Thanks to Andrew Slavec for the shout.