A Moment with Brandon Jennings

What happened to the best player to come out of high school last year? He failed academically to make it into the University of Arizona and charged over to Italy to grab some gourmet pasta, bread with butter, and a professional contract playing for Rome is what happened. That’s right, Brandon Jennings the number one high school prospect last year according to multiple sources, failed academically to make it into college. So instead he went with his family overseas and didn’t “waste” his time at a University. Time in a classroom without a projector showing highlights of a basketball game is considered wasteful to professional basketball players that pay their agents to think and act intelligently in their interests. So Jennings played ball in Italy this past year and with new eligibility has entered himself into the 2009 NBA draft. What exactly did life consist of for this star while he was away from home? “We” check in with Jennings below. P.S. Bring back that fade cut son!


Do you Remember Earl Boykins?

Were you lucky enough to have watched a game in which Earl Boykins played? If you were then your probably smirking right now while saying to yourself, “Boykins was the man.” Yes he was. When he played in the NBA he represented everything that doesn’t make sense in the world. He defyed gravity. He was David battling Goliath. He was awesome and better to watch on television from an overhead perspective than courtside where you probably couldn’t see him half the time hiding behind a giant. He was faster and stronger than anybody expected. He was only 5’5″ and believe it or not he would out bench most of his team.

Boykins had a good career in the NBA. He played a total of 10 seasons for a few different teams. He almost always came off the bench and provided instant offense. To summarize he was a great role player. Well in August of 2008 he officially became Italy’s highest paid player for this 2008-2009 season signing a one year contract for $3.5 million. He no longer is just a role player and is earning a salary and a starting position that is finally showing him the respect he has always deserved. I just thought I would keep you all informed. Oh and to those European teammates of his: next time Boykins hits a game winning shot, don’t pick him up off the ground and don’t pat him on the top of his head. Maybe let him chest bump the towel boy instead or something?