Houston, we have footage.

Awhile back Lebron James hosted his annual skills camp where he was dunked upon by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford.  This tape was promptly confiscated by big brother… er Nike?  Everyone knows this story.  What you probably don’t know is that TMZ claims that they have footage of this infamous dunk. (Yea, it’s that TMZ.  You know, the celebrity stalking e-tabloid.)  Apparently not only do they have footage, but they will debuting it live todat at 6:45 est.  That’s when we find out if this is actually a big deal.TMZ

As I mentioned once before, I don’t think this is a big deal no matter what the talking-head pundits claim.  They should’ve spun this positively instead of opting for this ridiculous gag order.  They, Nike and Lebron, have armies of publicists and PR people, don’t tell me they couldn’t have done it.  “Anything’s Possible” would work. Lebron is human afterall despite all the evidence suggesting otherwise.


Old School Nike Basketball Commercial

Do you remember this Nike commerical from about 6 years back? Its the one with a bunch of free style dribbling in it and features a bunch of different NBA players including Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace, and Jason Williams. Anyways I remember loving that commercial when it first came out but I would have to say the spoof is even better. Heres to a good laugh on a good friday.

Nike Connects Ballers on Facebook to Street Games

If you haven’t heard about what Nike has been doing on Facebook then your stoked I’m sharing this with you. For over a year now Nike has had a program on the 200 million people plus social networking site, Facebook, called “Ballers Network”. This program is an application for basketball players to add to their profile which allows them the ability to ultimately connect with other players and set up a time to meet at the local court. Ballers Network is your chance to find a pick up game anywhere. You can find a court and location to ball, add your home court to the map, find a scheduled pick up game, enter your team into a tournment, or plan your own pick up game and invite your crew out. This application is amazing and is a must for you to check out if you got game. BN3_lg

Parody of Kobe and Lebron Puppet Commercials

It’s not often that a commerical or series of commercials earns as much hype as the Kobe and Lebron Nike puppet commercials has over the past few months. I think it’s safe to say all sports fans, basketball or not, has seen these Nike ads or at least heard about them. Recently it was brought to attention that a parody was created of the puppet ad in which Kobe and Lebron have to babysit lil Dez their downstairs neighbor. This remix will of course not make it to television as it is classified as inappropriate so I’m glad you found it here. It’s a funny one.