Old School Nike Basketball Commercial

Do you remember this Nike commerical from about 6 years back? Its the one with a bunch of free style dribbling in it and features a bunch of different NBA players including Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace, and Jason Williams. Anyways I remember loving that commercial when it first came out but I would have to say the spoof is even better. Heres to a good laugh on a good friday.

Ricky Rubio Vs. Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings made it clear to the media recently that he thinks Ricky Rubio is overrated. Jennings said Rubio was all hype and that he had no potential to grow as a player. Jennings based his comments around the fact that Rubio has played  international professional basketball for many years now and therefore has reached his maximum talent level. Jennings says he is a better shooter than Rubio and that he still has room to grow as a player where Rubio doesn’t. Obviously Jennings also needs to mature and grow off the court as well since he is already making enemies before playing a single minute in the NBA. Perhaps Jennings will jump on a motorcycle, crash, and end his basketball career like  Jason Williams of Duke did early in his professional career? I’m not hoping for it but even Lebron James isn’t this full of himself after dominating the league for a few years.  Watch yourself Jennings, Karma is no joke.