The Power of Facebook and Twitter

Facebook has indeed been around for a good while and Twitter has been blowing up as of the past year, but tkevin-love copy(1)hese two social media platforms can really do work for you if you so choose. About a month ago I was logged on to my Twitter account,, and I was watching Around the Horn on ESPN. The discussion on the show turned towards Kevin Love’s Twitter page and his tweets regarding the NBA finals. The panel was arguing over whether Love’s tweets were insightful and they were discussing the whole idea of pro athletes on Twitter. After seeing this I decided to send a tweet directed at Kevin Love but that everybody could see on Twitter which said, “Hey the crew on Around the Horn was just discussing you and your tweets about the NBA finals. Good stuff.”

About twenty minutes later or so Kevin Love sent me a tweet back that was directed at Dino Gomez, one that everybody could see. ” What did they say about me.”

I didn’t get that tweet until a day or two later since I had logged off at the time, but it was great to see that Kevin Love responded directly to me . Of course I then recited to him what the panel on the show was saying about his Twitter account and the discussion between us ended. Now you may be thinking that because our conversation was so quick and consise that it was un-important. However that is why Twitter is so powerful, you can gain information so quickly and easily. I know Kevin Love went online to see exaclty what the panel on the show was saying about him as soon as I tweeted him because in a later tweet he referenced that he was a discusssion point on the show. In other words I was his first outlet to that information. The point I’m getting at is Facebook and Twitter will allow you to communicate with those individuals that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Therefore it is important that you use these platforms advantageously to speak with others and stay current on sporting news if you so choose.


Happy Fathers Day

As promised a few articles ago, we are bringing you more Bill Walton. Whether it be the best impersonation of Bill ever or a story about how he bought a new Tie-die t-shirt, we will continue to cover him.

This time we bring you footage from exactly a year ago today on Fathers Day during the 2008 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Good ole Bill sat down with his son Luke at the time and recalled ever lasting childhood memories of Basketball. As always Bill might as well be a cartoon character with his massive white teeth, silly grin, and exceptional comments.

The last time I had seen this video was truly a year ago today. What I picked up this time that I failed to recognize last year is that Bill Walton had Chick hearns (the greatest sports announcer maybe ever) edit and create an audio tape in which he enthustiastically congratulated Luke Walton on becoming an NBA champion for the Los Angeles Lakers. Chick hearns made this tape and gave it to Luke before he reached age 10. For over 16 years now Luke has been listening to that tape and manifesting his destiny to not only play for the Lakers but to win a championship with them. It’s funny how that came true. After all not too many players that are drafted 32nd are still seen in the league more than 5 years later, let alone in their choice city playing for a contending organization like the Lakers.

Steve Nash is Hilarious

Alright so I’m slightly late with this one but that doesn’t matter because it’s still worth viewing. Below is a video of Steve Nash on the David Letterman Show after game 3 of the NBA finals. To put it simply, Nash is hilarious. He is a natural with a mike in hand and I’m hoping once he retires he jumps on board with ESPN because it would be great to see more of this.

Magic vow to give better effort in game 2?

nba finals 2009 schedule lakers vs magicThe NBA Fastbreak crew on ESPN is awesome. Jalen Rose always knows exaclty what the game plan is for both teams before the game and gives accurate analysis after as well as he stirs up interesting conversation. The other day Rose and his crew were speaking about the poor effort that the Orlando Magic gave in game one of the NBA Finals. Dwight Howard, the starting center and rising superstar for the Magic, said that his team will give a much better effort in game 2 of the finals series on Sunday. Rose reacted to this comment by asking the NBA Fastbreak crew why in the world wouldn’t the Magic be giving complete effort in the first game of the series in which they got hammered by the Los Angles Lakers. What a great question. What was Orlando thinking in Game 1? Why as Howard admitted are they having to put forth more effort in game 2? Shouldn’t they be matching the effort put forth in game one and hopefully the ball will bounce better for them and they make escape with a win? After all it is the NBA finals. As professional basketball players where your job is to play this game, when your teams makes it to the NBA Finals you better be going full steam after the ball all the time! How ridiculous that the captain of this team feels that his teammates weren’t giving full effort. Either way the NBA and all their fans want to see a closer game 2 on Sunday and an exciting series from here on out which means the Magic guards better hit a jump shot and Dwight Howard needs to average 20 points a game.

Michael Jordan? No, Mikey V.

Hey everyone, it’s Mike here.  I wanted to get this introduction post out of the way before the Finals was set, but some issues made that feat a bit difficult.  The point is however, that I’ll be helping out with and contributing to the blog as much as possible.  I think I’m a qualified observer and articulate enough to speak intelligently about the game of basketball, however only time will tell; the ball never lies.  I’ll do my best to be objective and fair but I do have allegiances.Allison me

I’m bummed out by Cleveland’s elimination.  I feel for the city of Cleveland, my dad is from there.  Ever since that pitifully heart wrenching collapse in the World Series against the Marlins, I have silently (and not so silently) cheered on Cleveland teams in addition to my own home teams.

Moving on.  I’m disappointed with the way the Conference Championships panned out.  The Nuggets’ effort in game 6 was atrocious and the Cavaliers proved they were over-matched the whole series.  We’ve all read and heard enough about it by now that it’s not worth rehashing.  That being said the Finals series should present some really interesting individual match-ups.  In particular with the tweener fowards on both clubs:  Odom, Lewis, Turkoglu, Ariza and Pietrus. The play of Pietrus, and the entire Magic bench will again be extremely important since the Lakers bench is so deep .  It will also be interesting to watch the coaching in these games.  I’m praying for matchup carousels.  I don’t think very highly of Stan Van Gundy, although I really like his brother in the booth.  Then again I tend to think coaching in the NBA is an overrated endeavor, an opinion of mine that usually earns me a bit of grief.

The 2-3-2 series in my opinion makes upsets more probable. My predictions for the finals are as follows: the Magic steal a game and play well at home, winning in 6.  As that series gets underway, you’ll hear more from me. Be ready for it.

Tribute to Chauncey

The addition of Chauncey Billups to the Denver Nuggets has been the best off-season acquisition for the 2008-2009 NBA season. No team has gained more from the addition of a single player. The Denver Nuggets have never made it to an NBA final but this year could be different. This year they have their home town hero running the point and what a perfect story it would be to have him hoisting that championship trophy for the city for the first time!