Happy Fathers Day

As promised a few articles ago, we are bringing you more Bill Walton. Whether it be the best impersonation of Bill ever or a story about how he bought a new Tie-die t-shirt, we will continue to cover him.

This time we bring you footage from exactly a year ago today on Fathers Day during the 2008 NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. Good ole Bill sat down with his son Luke at the time and recalled ever lasting childhood memories of Basketball. As always Bill might as well be a cartoon character with his massive white teeth, silly grin, and exceptional comments.

The last time I had seen this video was truly a year ago today. What I picked up this time that I failed to recognize last year is that Bill Walton had Chick hearns (the greatest sports announcer maybe ever) edit and create an audio tape in which he enthustiastically congratulated Luke Walton on becoming an NBA champion for the Los Angeles Lakers. Chick hearns made this tape and gave it to Luke before he reached age 10. For over 16 years now Luke has been listening to that tape and manifesting his destiny to not only play for the Lakers but to win a championship with them. It’s funny how that came true. After all not too many players that are drafted 32nd are still seen in the league more than 5 years later, let alone in their choice city playing for a contending organization like the Lakers.

Luke Walton Calls Out Bill

In the words of Coolio and to summarize what Luke Walton said at the Los Angeles Lakers celebration parade yesterday, “Ain’t no party like a West coast party cuz a West coast party don’t stop.” That’s right Luke spoke into the microphone at USC ‘s coliseum football stadium and said that his father Bill, can no longer brag about his championship ring with the Boston Celtics from when he played professional ball. Luke even went on to say his ring with the Lakers beats out Bill’s ring since Bill’s ring came as a result of playing on an East coast team; hints the line from Coolio. Well be sure to find footage of Bill’s response to his son’s comments once it surfaces. Bill is just too great of a personality, not to include in the future on this site. Just look at the faces of the commentators sitting next to him in this following photo. You can tell that he never wonders off topic…Bill-Walton-R