Luke Walton Calls Out Bill

In the words of Coolio and to summarize what Luke Walton said at the Los Angeles Lakers celebration parade yesterday, “Ain’t no party like a West coast party cuz a West coast party don’t stop.” That’s right Luke spoke into the microphone at USC ‘s coliseum football stadium and said that his father Bill, can no longer brag about his championship ring with the Boston Celtics from when he played professional ball. Luke even went on to say his ring with the Lakers beats out Bill’s ring since Bill’s ring came as a result of playing on an East coast team; hints the line from Coolio. Well be sure to find footage of Bill’s response to his son’s comments once it surfaces. Bill is just too great of a personality, not to include in the future on this site. Just look at the faces of the commentators sitting next to him in this following photo. You can tell that he never wonders off topic…Bill-Walton-R


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