Interactive Sports Marketing Is Amazing!

logoTechnology today is no joke. It encompasses everything we do and provides tremendous opportunities to think outside the box. That is why I want to direct you to one of the newest forms of marketing. Check this out. Please follow this link to the Gonzaga Bulldogs Women’s Basketball team. Fill out your name, phone number, turn up the volume on your computer, and watch this quick 2 minute video at their team website.

The Gonzaga Bulldogs Women’s Basketball marketing representatives are the creators of this interactive marketing strategy.¬† Since they created this campaign, professional sports teams have followed their lead with similar campaigns. I want to acknowledge and recommend all readers to make their way over to, where I intern and found this impressive campaign. The founder Russell Scibetti is a genius and a well recognized individual in the world of sports business. He will keep you up to date on anything of a similar nature.


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