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Interested in a basketball related career? We can help. We have gone ahead and contacted as well as interviewed individuals who have obtained your dream job, one in which revolves around hoops. We then constructed an outline or a summary of our interview with them.  By carefully reading and reviewing these outlines/interviews you allow yourself to see the path that is required to land a similar job yourself.

The individuals we have interviewed are in some cases famous and interact with plenty of NBA players and coaches but are as normal as you and me. They have landed a career with some sort of involvement with basketball. Examples include college basketball coaches, marketing representatives for NBA teams, accountants for NCAA basketball programs, college and NBA player scouts, certified referees, announcers, sports writers, or ESPN crew members. All these individuals live the good life. The good life is what we basketball fans consider free tickets to the game we love in order to do the work we love.

In order to find these interview outlines with basketball career oriented individuals:Jim_Harris_courtside_NCAA

  1. Go to our home page.
  2. look in the left hand side column for “categories”.
  3. Choose a specific topic i.e. “marketing career” or instead choose “interviews” to look at all our career outlines. * Find Coach Randy Brown’s coaching tips under the category of “coaching career path”

* Remember all rights and associations to every article or interview is property of:  Basketball With Dino Gomez unless otherwise agreed upon.


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  1. Dino, Excellent web page updates. The videos are especially awesome!
    Did you hear that the Arizona Wildcats now snagged 2 of USC’s incoming recruits? So the Cats once, again may have a very solid team, especially with the return of Nick Wise!

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