Lil Wayne and Kobe Music Video

Just a moment ago I found a better version to the Lil Wayne track which gives praise to Kobe Bryant A.K.A. the Black Mamba. Credit goes to Hoop Doctors as my source. It is said that Stanford students, Abteen-Bagheri-Fard and Jay Kilachand, put together this amazing mix of old-school Bryant and Wayne highlights since no previous music video had been produced. They must have spent hours on this one.
Lil Wayne — Kobe Bryant (MUSIC VIDEO) – Watch more Funny Videos


Lil Wayne raps about Kobe Bryant

One of this year’s biggest emerging rap stars is a fan of Kobe Bryant. Lil Wayne, the son of Bird Man, wrote a song very recently in tribute to Kobe Bryant’s dominance on the court. Now as much as I dislike Bryant for threatening Michael Jordan’s brilliance when he played, Bryant is one of the best in the league and deserves a song about his efforts.

Stephen A. Smith, an NBA analyst for ESPN, starts the track by explaining why Bryant is in many opinions, the best there is in the league. This is truly a great song and as always Lil Wayne will make you laugh with an impressive array of rhymes and lines. As Wayne sings in the song, ” Don’t worry Lebron, get’em next year.”