The Power of Facebook and Twitter

Facebook has indeed been around for a good while and Twitter has been blowing up as of the past year, but tkevin-love copy(1)hese two social media platforms can really do work for you if you so choose. About a month ago I was logged on to my Twitter account,, and I was watching Around the Horn on ESPN. The discussion on the show turned towards Kevin Love’s Twitter page and his tweets regarding the NBA finals. The panel was arguing over whether Love’s tweets were insightful and they were discussing the whole idea of pro athletes on Twitter. After seeing this I decided to send a tweet directed at Kevin Love but that everybody could see on Twitter which said, “Hey the crew on Around the Horn was just discussing you and your tweets about the NBA finals. Good stuff.”

About twenty minutes later or so Kevin Love sent me a tweet back that was directed at Dino Gomez, one that everybody could see. ” What did they say about me.”

I didn’t get that tweet until a day or two later since I had logged off at the time, but it was great to see that Kevin Love responded directly to me . Of course I then recited to him what the panel on the show was saying about his Twitter account and the discussion between us ended. Now you may be thinking that because our conversation was so quick and consise that it was un-important. However that is why Twitter is so powerful, you can gain information so quickly and easily. I know Kevin Love went online to see exaclty what the panel on the show was saying about him as soon as I tweeted him because in a later tweet he referenced that he was a discusssion point on the show. In other words I was his first outlet to that information. The point I’m getting at is Facebook and Twitter will allow you to communicate with those individuals that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Therefore it is important that you use these platforms advantageously to speak with others and stay current on sporting news if you so choose.