Game Time

On behalf of “Basketball with Dino Gomez”, welcome to the greatest Basketball discussion site on the web. A site unlike any other by combination of charismatic opinion and accurate information. It is right here that you will find articles covering the game of Basketball that are completely unique to any other. It is our goal here to stimulate discussion from our readers by providing them with an intelligent point of view and resource that covers everything from pre-game warmups to post-game interviews.


3 Responses

  1. At last someone who is bringing a new slant to my favorite sport! I will be following your site, and am anxious to comment on your topics.

  2. That a way Dino! Dude Celtics/Bulls has been unreal with 4 overtimes… I smell a game 7 overtime? And what are the odds that it comes down to anybody but the Lakers and Cavs? They are simply too dominate and are destined for the Finals. I’m taking Lakers in 6!

    • Dave yeah I can’t wait for game 7 between the Celtics/Bulls! I can’t decide who I want to win… I think it would be fun to see the Bulls advance since we saw plenty of Boston last year. Also since Boston doesn’t have Garnett they don’t have a chance to do anything in the playoffs anyways (not that the Bulls can) but change is exciting. As for the Championship I also see Lakers vs. Cavs. I think that series is going to be an amazing one! Lebron vs. Kobe in the spotlight game. If the series ends in 6 I say Lakers win… if it goes to a gave 7 I have the Cavs winning…

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