The NBA Playoffs… Crazy again?

Has anybody else noticed how amazing the NBA playoffs have been this year? Really though, just sit back and realize that the NBA hasn’t been this exciting in a little while. knicks-jay-z-p-diddyIt started with the first round battle between Boston and Chicago which featured an array of ridiculous overtime Basketball and has continued with the shocking upset of the Lakers in the opening game of round two last evening against the Rockets. Jay-Z and P-Diddy who attended the game were even impressed with all the action and we all know they have seen a few things. Well maybe not P-Diddy, he does acne commercials for Pro-active but Jigga man for sure. Anyways, inevitably this match up between Houston and Los Angeles will be fantastic. Kobe will bring his team ready to play next time and will probably score more than in last nights game with half as many shots.  Better yet I think in Game 2 we can expect play away from the ball to become even more physical than in game 1! That being said, it is recommended that the camera men and celebrities who will be sitting the first few rows Wednesday night for game two practice their “duck and cover” routines before the game so that in the event Derek Fisher gets thrown into the crowd again, nobody is injured.


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  1. I agree, the playoffs have been amazing this year!! Nice article!

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