NBA Salaries Unproportional to Skill Level?

AAGZ202_8x10-2006Logo~Denver-Nuggets-PostersIt’s always fun to know how much money professional athletes pull in every year. After all they have their dream job as well as mine and earn a ton of money for it. It’s interesting to note that by comparison of their peers, not all professional athletes make what they should. For example some players earn more or less money than their teammates that are better or worse than them. Let me further explain by using the salaries of the Denver Nugget players. Chris Anderson A.K.A  the Birdman, earns exactly the same amount as Anthony Carter A.K.A. the “oldest player in the league.” They both have a 2008-2009 season salary of $797,581 and they both are crucial to the team’s success. Then there’s Steven Hunter who to most fans might as well be an imaginary friend of mine, who earned $3,862,600 for the season. Now how can or more importantly why would the Nuggets pay Hunter that kind of money when they should be paying the fan-favorite of Denver, the Birdman, those millions? Another great example: Kenyon Martin earns more than Carmelo Anthony. It seems team owners need to consider long term contracts more carefully in the future…


2 Responses

  1. I love the Birdman!

  2. The owners are just doing their best to bank on the future of their teams. Everyone makes bad decisions on that at least once in awhile. Look at all the number one draft picks that owners thought would change the future of their teams for the best and didn’t end up working out. There’s a lot of educated predictions going on.

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