Dino Gomez Himself Sinks Half Court Shot

To answer what questions probably will follow, yes this is footage of me at the Sonoma State rec center yesterday and yes I did get lucky. Still I have a pretty good handle on the ball which goes to show I have spent plenty of time on the court. I wanted to show those readers who have not seen me play that I’m a decent player even though undersized and was hoping footage like this could serve as credibility that I’ve been around the game.


4 Responses

  1. thats all for today!

  2. That was sick.

    A. How many tried did it take to get that?

    B. Why not show the swooping left handed finger roll next?

    C. Your cred was established on the streets of the CV rec, and never forget that.

    • Response: A. I made 2 of my first 3 from half-court in warm-up… on camera it took many more tries.
      B. The swooping left handed finger roll may be coming in the near future. That’s a good call.
      C. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the rec scene. Who could?
      D. Does a coach post exist in the future? We would love to hear his expertise.

  3. Dino, Awesome shot! Yet, remember your first big win was with Dad when you were about 10 years old. We played two teenager’s at a park in SD. After we won the first 2 on 2 game, the dudes challenged us to another (they wanted some some retibution cake), so we accommadated them and left them with humble pie instead! You were stoked after the serious competition, back in the day when Dad could still do it!

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