James Harden and Gilbert Arenas Twins?

The NBA draft is only three days out and the only thing that is certain is that everything is uncertain. Teams ing202266_u52637_Gilbert_ArenasPHP4919E61073EB0 the past years at three days out almost always knew which players were going to be available when their turn to pick was up and they knew which players they’ll most likely decide to draft. This year is completely different. There are potentially 50 different combinations of how players could be drafted positions 2 thru 10 or something close to 50 (not going to do the math right now better to spend the time studying the players), which is crazy.

What would be funny in my book and what is probable is that James Harden from Arizona State will be drafted fifth overall to the Washington Wizards. He would play opposite Gilbert Arenas on the wing and would confuse the hell out of me if I were a defender. Think about playing transition defense against the Wizards when they have numbers on the break. Everyone knows Harden is going to his left because he is like Lamar Odom and can only go left, so as I defender you want to make him use his right hand. However at the speed a fastbreak happens would you be able to tell if the guy with the ball is James Harden or Gilbert Arenas? I mean they look really similar, are close enough in stature, and yeahh look similar. I’m thinking they are twins, were separated at birth, that one of them lost a birth certificate, and are about to be united on the court in Washington. Want more proof that they are twins? Twins think alike. Gilbert Arenas played college ball at Arizona while James Harden played at Arizona State.


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