Lingerie Basketball League?

The Lingerie Football League is set to commence on September 4th of this year in Chicago. For those who are unfamiliar with the LFL, it began with the Lingerie bowl which was featured in the past years at half time of the Super Bowl. The Lingerie bowl was a football game in which women played full contact football in nothing but their lingerie. After the success of these half time games a brand new league is about to begin with 10 different teams representing 10 different cities. The San Diego Seduction are fast to be favored as the best team, but the real question we have here is if the Lingerie Football league is successful, will we see a Lingerie Basketball League? Were guessing probably not, but who knows?basketball15


10 Responses

  1. What bugs more than the silly Lingerie Football League is that seemingly somewhat intelligent women believe it might lead to a little respect.

    • Yeah that is what will partly make the LFL so interesting is that it will put us in the dog house that much quicker when we are late taking out the trash because we are watching football.

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