Nuggets from the Iowa Player Development Academy

by: Randy Brown,, Director IPDAskillschallenge_080728

In a few short months IPDA has addressed a need for specific player development in Central Iowa. It is quickly growing and will soon be in locations throughout the state and the Midwest.

The fundamental concept is this:

Long Term Training = Long Term Results
Short Term Training = Short Term Results

Is playing 60 games a summer the answer?

Yes…….but only IF a young player has MASTERED the fundamental elements of the game!
Do you know of a player that has?

I haven’t seen one if over 30 years of coaching at all levels.

Of the 12 NBA players I’ve coached, none of them had come even close to mastering these needed skills!

So why are 12-17 year olds skipping skill development for the sake of playing games every weekend?

We are missing the boat by sacrificing skill development for playing games.

In most cases, each game gives young players the opportunity to STRENGTHEN bad habit deficiencies in their game.

If we leave it up to the individual player to improve his game A to Z and bring it to the next 8 game weekend tournament, we will be very disappointed!

We as coaches are responsible to training and developing skills in our players……..

THEN, we are responsible for assembling these individuals and forming a cohesive unit, a team……and then playing games!

If a strict individual skill development program in the off-season is what the great NBA players participate in……shouldn’t it also be mandatory for our 12-17 year olds?

Thanks for supporting IPDA……our success comes from you, the Coaching Community!

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