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Welcome to our “About the Author”  page. It is on this page that you will find individual contact information and a quick bio for each contributor to this site. Before we introduce you to our crew, let us give you a quick background story. The crew below grew up together in San Diego, California within a few blocks of one another. They played ball together on various teams and with various programs until college. This of course refers to everyone below except coach Brown who has graced us with his presence here to provide the best possible source to everything you could have wanted to know about coaching at a high level in basketball.

Contributors: David Peterson and Mike Viglione will work to keep you updated on the biggest stories in basketball. Peterson acts as our So-Cal representative and Center/Power Foward analyst and will keep you posted on the Lakers among other topics. Viglione works as our insider into the NCAA and specifically to the Pac-10 conference. He acts as our Small-Foward/Foward analyst.

Contributors: Coach Randy Brown and Dino Gomez will work to help you better understand what is necessary to coach at a high level of hoops as well as what steps are taken to find yourself a career in basketball. Coach Brown brings the most impressive resume to the table and will astound you with his accolades and experience coaching the sport. He has coached 20 years at the NCAA level and will be your guide to becoming a coach at any level. Gomez acts as a professor of the sport and can teach you how to find yourself a career revolving around hoops.

Dino Gomez– Founder/President, main author, professor helping to show you the path into a basketball career.

Dino Gomez has always been an avid sports fan. He has been intrigued with the game of Chillin with nikeballBasketball since he could walk. Unbelievably quick on the court, his individual game resembles that of a Nate Robinson meshed with a Steve Nash. With a personality matching something like a Kenny Mayne and a name as original as any superstars in the league (Dwight, Lebron, Kobe), Dino feels he can better relate people to Basketball than play himself. This is not to say he doesn’t have the best handle in town, but that he has recognized it is time to leave the NBA to those who are actually professional.  As Dino commented himself, “It is time to hang out like Charles Barkley and just talk about the game, maybe while eating something or having  a drink.”On a more serious note, Dino is only one year away from graduating Sonoma State University. As a Business major with a concentration in Marketing, he has already started his own company, Social Media Outlet, which focuses on supplying others a social media campaign. He also currently works part-time as a sales representative of Global Plastic Sheeting and  holds an internship position as a “virtual intern” for Russell Scibetti. Scibetti is the founder of The Business of Sports and has Dino helping to market his sports business website as well as contributing his own sports business perspectives on Fridays under the article headline, “Five for Fridays”. It is recommended that you check out what he has to say over there. Follow Dino on Twitter: @DinoGomez.

Mike Viglione– Co-Author/contributor, Pac-10 specialist, post player/Small Forward-analyst

Mike Viglione hn10718001_38836432_8166as an amazing hoops resume and brings to the table great wisdom and insight for the game. As a retired player at the Small Forward position, Viglione will encompass aspects of the game from a big man position. His father helped coach him from a young age and engraved into him a deep conceptual understanding of basketball that is rarely found among current players. Viglione is currently a student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, which allows him the opportunity for great inside coverage and stories involving the NCAA’s Pac-Ten Conference. As an insider, he will bring you information and news that you may not find elsewhere.  Look for his articles under the writing name: Stone86. If you have any questions for Stone86 you may contact him at the following email address: Mikeviglione@cliffendsley.com.

David Peterson– Contributor, So-Cal hoops expert, Center/Power Foward analyst

Dave acts as our Southern California hoops expert. He is currently the only crew member who still resides in Sann142500320_8518 Diego and this allows him the opportunity to cover the Lakers and the Clippers best. Dave is a retired basketball player himself at the Power Foward/Center position. He offers an energetic and unbeatable passion for sports that truly helps to boost our site past the average. Dave currently works as a Sports Coordinator at Upper deck Trading Cards in Carlsbad California at their corporate location. Look out for an article where he informs you of available basketball memorabilia that you can’t find elsewhere. Dave’s contributing articles can be found under the writing name: DavePete. If you have any questions for Dave you may contact him at the following email address: david.peterson@eagles.cui.edu.

Any further questions? Contact Dino Gomez at: dino.gomez22@yahoo.com.


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  1. Very professional. I’m attending college here in South Florida–working on my master’s in English while dreaming of becoming a sports reporter. I’m working on sports stuff on the side. I couldn’t get the blogroll up on my blog but I’m following you on Twitter (just opened up an account:coleracquel). Nice blog and professional1

  2. Very professional. I’m attending college here in South Florida–working on my master’s in English while dreaming of becoming a sports reporter. I’m working on sports stuff on the side. I couldn’t get the blogroll up on my blog but I’m following you on Twitter (just opened up an account:coleracquel). Nice blog and professional!

  3. Hey Dino Gomez check out my blog and tell me what you think.

  4. pac10.wordpress.com

    please be as critical as you’d like

  5. Hi Dino,

    Love your blog! We’d really appreciate if you’d take a look at what we’re doing over on our Youtube page (http://www.youtube.com/shotscience). We’d really value your evaluation!

    –The Shot Science Guys (Tom, Casey, Chase Curtiss)

  6. yoooo dino wtf!!!
    this is WOO man
    i tried to keep in touch with you and this is where i find you
    dude write me an email or something
    i miss ya

  7. dino, just read your blog. looks good to me! nice work. say hi to your mom! – and keep up the good work. jo clare

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