Jordan and Magic in Michael Jackson videos

It is with our deepest regret that Michael Jackson passed away recently. He was truly an amazing person, talented singer, and special dance artist. It seems necessary that we give him our second commemoration here at our site since news broke of his death.

As mentioned in a previous article, Michael Jackson, is easily the most famous individual to ever walk the planet. His name and his legend rides amongst political leaders and presidents from the past and from the future. Due to his strange remaining years it is understandable that some people have trouble recognizing his brilliance.

To put into perspective how amazing Michael Jackon was, Michael Jordan, admitted he was nervous upon meeting this pop star at a time when Jordan’s excellence himself was unprecedented.What happened was Jackson invited Jordan to be included in a music video for his most recent single at the time, Jam. Jordan of course excepted and was featured in a role shooting baskets with the pop star for that video. Besides Jordan, Magic Johnson and Eddie Murphy are among the list of many other famous individuals who accepted taking a part in Jackson’s music videos.

Recently there has been an abundance of media attention directed at the news of Jackson’s death. Some people understand why and some others don’t. For those who do not, I want to help you understand how great Jackson’s legacy is. This guy was yes: crazy, insane, and definitely troubled in his later years but if you can focus on how much he did when he was in his prime, then you should have no problem realizing why he commands so much attention. Watch this following video and leave comments if you feel that Lebron, Kobe, Dwight, Obama, or recently featured Adriana Lima commands this reaction or anything similar from people of different countries all over the world. In the following video citizens jump, dive, stab, cry, shout, lounge, faint, piss, and become hysteric at either the mention or sight of Michael Jackson.¬† I would like to advise, the following video is gnarly.


Adriana Lima and Marko Jaric

I’m sure I had heard Marko Jaric’s name called a dozen times while watching basketball over the past years but the first time I sub-consciously decided his name was worth remembering was when I caught news that he was dating and planning to marry super model Adriana Lima. That is old news now but what is recent is that Lima is now pregnant and is expecting her first child with Marko in December. Marko is a first name like Yao, that does well by itself and without the last name tagging along. Anyways¬† this past week Lima sat down with representatives from People magazine and told the story of how she first met the Memphis Grizzlies guard. If only Marko had stayed in Serbia…01124_adriana-lima-victorias-secret-01_122_533lo_122_533lo